A Power Pack For My Stealth Camping Van

I’m into making stuff, fixing stuff, practicing many arts, and, honestly, flipping from thing to thing in a way that may seem random. I figure that there will always be many, many people who are better at their specialties than I, but I never accepted the limit of, “Doing one thing well OR many things … Continue reading “A Power Pack For My Stealth Camping Van”

My First Video: About A Cat, Of Course

I sure have not been posting anything in a long time. Social media advice always includes posting regularly. I’ve never been one to follow advice though. But, anyway, I felt I hit a dead end, artwise. I was missing something. So, I rested by doing other kinds of work, and that finally resulted in some … Continue reading “My First Video: About A Cat, Of Course”

Once An Impressionist, Always An Impressionist

Acryilic painting of black-eyed Susan flowers

Impressionism is a way of seeing what is there to be seen, not what you think is there. Lines around things, for example, are imaginary. They do not really exist except in art. I have heard that kind of linear representation called, “the felt object.” As the word is ordinarily used — meaning “realistic” — … Continue reading “Once An Impressionist, Always An Impressionist”

A Comment About Comments

keyboard with comment button

Right now, comment settings — and I have to say, “right now” because the settings may change at some future date — are such that a person must have a previously approved comment to escape the moderation queue. That means anyone who has commented before can comment without waiting for moderator approval, but any new … Continue reading “A Comment About Comments”