Non Copyright

“You’re crazy, Rick! Anyone can steal your work? They could make money with it? They don’t even have to credit you?”

As to “crazy,” maybe.

First, yes, you can use anything I post on this blog for any reason: private, public, commercial, non-commercial, waste management, propaganda, berry picking, home defense… whatever; I do not care. If you can make money, great. And good luck with that because I would be curious to know how you did it. So let me know, huh? I am all for increasing the wealth of the world. I highly doubt your sales could have the slightest negative impact on my sales; in fact, you would probably be helping me. Heck, I might offer you a job.

Second, no, you do not have to credit me. You could crop or ‘shop out my signatures if you wanted. How could I stop you anyway? Keep lawyers and snitches on retainer?

I heard that Don Henley, the irrelevant ex-drummer for the once upon a time old rock band, The Eagles, employs sixty people to enforce copyright violations! He let that slip when whining about how he was losing so much money. A guy who employs sixty people to keep people from stealing from him? That kind of life seems dreary for a productive and prolific creator. Truly, if I do see my work being used, I am likely to write a note of thanks, not recrimination.

People are, after all, actually basically good.

I am going to place a bet on that. I bet that you would prefer to credit me out of simple, neighborly manners. I won’t lie and say I don’t care about getting credit. I do. But I am not worried about it. It would be cool if you gave me a plug, but I am not going to try and make you do anything. I might, though, actually want to help you use my work better if you actually asked.

So go ahead and use my art any way you want.

Third, I did not decide to do art because it was a good way to make money. I decided to do art because I wanted to express the beauty and wonder I saw and felt in the world.

Besides, I or my buyers do hold the original works. Think about that. The more copies out there, the more valuable those originals become.

So maybe not so crazy.