Walking Up The San Joaquin River, Part I

Last weekend, I finally managed to get out for a shakedown walk up the river.

I had a lot of new gear. At the same time, I truly wanted to go ultralight: No sleeping bag and no stove. I had a fleece blanket I cut down and sewed a foot sock into, and I decided to try soaking dehydrated beans and rice as my main staple. It is so damn hot here, I knew I needed no sleeping bag, and since I never spend any time hanging around camp, I knew I would not miss cooking. Both plans worked out fine.

What did not work out was my plan to walk along the river.

There is way too much private property and visceral hatred for anyone who might appear homeless — and I guess with my backpack, I fit that description. Oh, the people slowing down to stare. The cars that pulled over to sit by the side of the road. The weenie in the John Deere quad with the two big shepherds, one of whom was a barker…

I understand. They have had some serious garbage camps in the region. I just stare ’em down. They go away. Usually without a word. Being clean, groomed, and carrying rather expensive looking gear does the trick.

Anyhow, check out the video! I am new to the art, so it’s kinda amateurish, but it’s a start.

2 thoughts on “Walking Up The San Joaquin River, Part I

  1. This is so exciting. While drinking coffee this morning, I randomly decided to check online to see if you have a website for your artwork. However, the discovery of your current backpacking adventure enthralled me so much I almost forgot how I ended up on your blog in the first place. I see now, where your ‘original art’ category is.

    1. Hi Melanie. Thanks for looking! I’ve only recently decided to increase my online presence by using this blog and youtube more. The travels serve to inspire art, but they also serve my morale too. Fun to share the discoveries with others!

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