My Ugly Town

fresno california train tracks flooded

Fresno, California. I never did want to live here. Brunt of jokes it is. With good reason. It has its virtues, however. I point those out. Sometimes. All times, I tell the truth. I am not promoting the place.

Walking. Walking, walking, walking.

fresno train tracks with crossing lights
Used to be, you could trigger the the barriers and lights by laying something metal across the tracks.

I’m walking so much because I’m training for extended trips in the back country. I intend to go out and never come back except to handle occasional business. The boat and camper van are parts of that future story. The walking is going well. The first week was hardest. The second week saw metabolic changes and pain such that I was not sleeping well. Took a week to get through the knee aches.

fresno canal with dark clouds
It really did look grim and dark this way.

Finally, I’m feeling that old strength returning. Got in over 40 this week with less strain than the 31 of the week before. First week was 26, but that was a short week. 5 miles a day with 1 rest day was the initial target; now, I like the 40 mile a week baseline.
Shoot, it takes me a mile before I even warm up.

a double rainbow over the tracks
Got a hint of a double rainbow. No idea why they built this fence. It is open on either end.

And speaking of *warm*, it may seem crazy, but even in wind driven rain with big puddles, I like shorts and sandals. I end up carrying my jacket so I don’t get all sweaty. I have a dozen hats, but my favorite is a light nylon Nike cap that seems to handle both cold and hot better than anything else I own. It started out black but is now almost khaki it’s so faded. I bought a new one, but the fit and finish was not the same, so I continue with the old one.

dark canal with bright clouds
I have no intention of being “pretty.” Kinda grossed out by those kinds of photos, actually.

Always the umbrella and walking stick though. Anyhow, perhaps you enjoyed the truthful pictures of my ugly town.